The PhD School has been founded with the explicit purpose of coordinating the doctoral research within STI Innsbruck and monitoring the overall operation of the process. As part of its activities, the PhD School organizes the bi-weekly "Research Seminar" and an annual "PhD Seminar", as well the systematic scientific progress reporting task on a six-monthly basis.

Information about beeing a PhD at STI Innsbruck

PhD Process:

The process can be roughly divided into three phases:
  • Phase I: Find and formulate the research problem
  • Phase II: Elaborate and evaluate the solution
  • Phase III: Write up the thesis

Ideally the process should be finalized within a period of 3 years. The table below defines the 3 main phases of the process in terms of their duration.

Processphase Duration
Find and formulate research problem 12 months
Elaborate and evaluate solution 12 months
Write up thesis 12 months


Every PhD student has one main supervisor at STI Innsbruck who is either a PostDoc or professor. PhD students are furthermore encouraged to seek additional external supervision from experts in the field.

Monitoring progress:

In order to monitor the progress and to enable effective guidance and supervision of PhD students, PhD students and their supervisors organize regular meetings. It is up to the supervisor and the student to agree on the frequency of these meetings. Besides the regular meetings between students and supervisors, there will be a research seminar twice per year mandatory for all PhD students. Furthermore, PhD students are encouraged to give trial presentations for the papers, which are presented at workshops and conferences.

Research reports:

According to the schema introduced above students should document their PhD work in two research reports concluded by the dissertation thesis.

First research report - Problem statement
The student should submit a document summarizing the research done so far and the core research questions of the thesis and outlining the prospected research approach and the methods employed to design and evaluate the solution.

Further on, the PhD student should contribute to project deliverables and first research publications. Preliminary thesis-relevant ideas should be published on a workshop in order to receive feedback on the feasibility of the general approach.

The first research report should be between 6 and 15 pages (standard typed, single column, single spaced).

Second research report - Outline of the thesis
The PhD student should provide an outline of the thesis, which includes a definition of the problem statement, a description of the research approach and of the methods applied to conduct this research and a report and analysis of the evaluation results.

During this period the student will actively contribute to project deliverables and will publish the first papers around the topic of the thesis. The student should aim for at least two conference publications on high-quality scientific events. The student is also encouraged to submit a PhD proposal to a doctoral consortium in order to receive feedback from experts in the community and to collaborate with major players in his field of research, and in order to get in contact with potential external reviewers for his thesis.

It is recommended that this report has an amount of 20-30 pages (standard typed, single column, single spaced).

Third research report - Dissertation

The PhD student should aim for at least two publications, which lie at the core of the thesis topic, at major scientific conferences and two journal articles. Further on the student should aim at a broader dissemination of his results in the community, e.g., by contributing to the organization of scientific events in his field of research.

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