PhD Seminar WS2010/11

High-quality PhD research is widely recognized as one of the key success factors in every academic institution. While doing a PhD necessarily implies a high amount of individual research work, the role of supervision is essential for the systematic operation of the process and its successful finalization.

The seminar is open to everyone who's interested, it is not restricted to PhD students and their supervisors.



October 27th - 28th, 2010
Innsbruck, Austria



The research seminar has the explicit purpose of coordinating the doctoral research of participants and monitoring the overall operation of the process. Students will submit a PhD progress report and present their research to fellow PhD students and PostDocs and will receive feedback.

The seminar itself will be carried out as blocked seminar in Innsbruck.

Venue: Alpenlounge Seegrube, Innsbruck


Important Dates

  • Vorbesprechnung: October 4th, 2010, 18:30
  • Seminar: October 27th - 28th, 2010

Detailed Schedule

October 27, 2010
09:15 Meeting at the station "Congress" of the Hungerburgbahn
Cable car up to Seegrube (
10:00 Welcome
10:15 Anna Fensel SESAME: Semantic Smart Metering - Enablers for Energy Efficiency
11:00 Reto Krummenacher Services and RDF: Linking Data, Services and Processes
10:45 Elmar Wach Feedback-Driven Ontology Evolution
12:30 Lunch
13:30 Katharina Siorpaes Data interlinking: 3 cases
14:15 Srdjan Komazec An Approach for Event Processing on the Semantic Web
15:00 Sung-Kook Han Context Computing
15:45 Coffee break
16:00 Davide Cerri Linking Personal Identities?
16:45 Teaching meeting (Teaching committee)
17:30 Cable car back to Innsbruck
20:00 Dinner in Innsbruck (restaurant will be announced at the seminar)
October 28, 2010
10:15 Meeting at the station "Congress" of the Hungerburgbahn
Cable car up to Seegrube (
11:00 Dieter Fensel Internet of Services: Potential and Challenge
12:30 Lunch
14:00 Workshop: strategy and future directions
  • Future of semantic technology research in general.
  • Cooperation with start-ups.
  • Profiling of the institute future
    • where are we heading,
    • what are our scientific objectives,
    • how to plan and implement them?
  • Exploring synergies between the institute units o What are different units doing?
    • How is this fitting together?
    • Can we optimize the effort spent on specific topics/issues by aligning the work?
  • Planning for proposals in the upcoming calls.
  • How does the institute contribute to the research community?
  • What is the (realistic) goal of STI as an organization for 2010 (now), 2011 (in a year) and 2015 (in five years)?
    • Size in terms of people, in particular research staff?
    • People and their expertise: researchers? managers? consultants?
    • Organizational structure?
    • Role at UIBK?
  • The future of WSMO/L/X.
16:00 Closing and coffee



If you have questions about the seminar please contact Katharina Siorpaes at [email protected].

Webmaster: Mail: [email protected]

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