PhD Seminar 2009 in Berlin

The seminar is targeted at PhD students whose research interests cover areas related to the Semantic Web, Semantic Web Services and Web-scale reasoning. It will help the students concretize their research intentions and receive feedback on the soundness and completeness of their achieved work. The seminar is open to everyone who's interested. In particular, it is not restricted to PhD students and their supervisors.



21. - 22.09.2009



This year the seminar will be a joint event between STI Innsbruck, STI Berlin and the LarKC project.
The seminar will take place in Berlin, 21.09.2009 - 22.09.2009 on the premises of STI Berlin at the Free University of Berlin in Berlin, Germany.

The seminar will contain full and short presentations. PhD students who are in an early stage of their doctoral research (for STI Innsbruck students, phase 0 or at the beginning of phase 1) will be asked to give a short presentation of 10 minutes talk and 5 minutes discussion. PhD students who are in a more advanced stage (for STI Innsbruck students at the end of phase 1 or in phase 2) will be asked to give a full presentation (20 minutes talk + 10 minutes discussion). PhD students who are about to finish their thesis (for STI Innsbruck students: phase 3) may choose to give a presentation as well - please inform the organizers at your earliest convenience if this should be the case.


Important Dates


All PhD students who will be attending should send an abstract of at most 400 words in PDF format per email to [email protected] no later than August, 17.

For STI Innsbruck staff only: the annual PhD progress reports (cf. research plan) are not due to August, 17. However, they still need to be written/updated and submitted per email to [email protected] no later than October, 15.




The seminar will take place in Berlin, on the premises of the Free University of Berlin on September 21-22, 2009. The address of the venue is Takustr. 9, 14195 Berlin Room SR005. Coffee and lunch will be provided in room SR046 in the same building.

The map of the area is available at (The building in which the seminar takes place is number 9 "Informatik"). Information about how to get to the venue is available at

Traveling and accommodation in Berlin should be organized individually. Information about hotels can be found here.




The proceedings of the PhD Seminar 2009 can be found on the CEUR workshop proceedings website:


Detailed Schedule

Day 1 – Monday, September 21, 2009
09:30 Elena Simperl Welcome STI IBK
09:45 Axel Tenschert Ontology Merging by Matching a Selection of Ontologies in a Cluster Environment LarKC - HLRS
10:15 Markus Luczak-Rösch Towards Agile Ontology Maintenance STI Berlin
10:45 Reto Krummenacher A Parametric Design Approach to Scalability Management of Semantic Middleware STI IBK
11:15 Coffee break
11:30 Ralf Heese Query Optimization in Semantic-Web-Databases STI Berlin
12:00 Elmar Wach Feedback-driven Ontology Reorganisation STI IBK
12:30 Lunch break
13:30 Jacek Kopecky Evaluating WSMO-Lite STI IBK
14:00 Yan Wang Search Refinement through User Interests: A Case Study in Medical Research LarKC - WICI
14:30 Olga Streibel Semantic Learning for Trend Recognition in Text Collections STI Berlin
15:00 Kia Teymourian Knowledge-based Complex Event Processing STI Berlin
15:20 Goekhan Coskun Structure-based Analysis and Modularization of Ontologies STI Berlin
15:40 Coffee break
16:00 Benedikt Meuthrath Explorative analysis of realworld dynamic networks STI Berlin
16:20 Lutz Suhrbier Reliable Statements for the Semantic Web STI Berlin
16:50 End of Day I
20:00 Social dinner
Day 2 – Tuesday, September 22, 2009
09:30 Yi Zeng Unifying Search and Reasoning: From the Viewpoint of Granularity LarKC - WIKI
10:00 Mick Kerrigan MEMOS: A Methodology for Modeling Services STI IBK
10:30 Luka Bradesko Automatic plugin workflow construction LarKC - Cyc
11:00 Achim Rettinger Latent-Class Statistical Relational Learning from Formal Knowledge LarKC - Siemens
11:30 Coffee break
11:45 Radoslaw Oldakowsk Information Extraction and Integration from Heterogeneous Semi-structured Web Sources in the Domain of Used Cars STI Berlin
12:05 Gaston Tagni Cognitively-inspired Heuristic Reasoning for Scalable Semantic Web Reasoning LarKC - VUA
12:35 Srdjan Komazec Monitoring and Adaption of Semantic Execution Environments STI IBK
13:05 Marko Kranz Thesis-options in the field of semantic business process management STI Berlin
13:25 Lunch

Workshop Organization


This event is organized by STI Innsbruck, STI Berlin, Semsphere and the LarKC project.

Local arrangements by is-research GmbH.

If you have questions about the seminar please contact Elena Simperl at [email protected].

Webmaster: Mail: [email protected]

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